1955-60’s Schwinn Jaguar

It was hard rubber strapped to the rim with a wire that was inserted through its center. This tire did not offer a cushy ride, but it was at least reliable as it could never get a flat. It was glued to the rim, which had a mounting surface that was dished to hold the tire in place. Narrower sizes, however, were available for racing bikes. In addition to the single-tube tire, the clincher tire the technology of which is used today on most bicycles was also available. The early clincher tire had a bead along the edge similar to a modern tire with the exception of an overlapping flap on the bottom to encase an inner-tube. This made tire installation easier. Furthermore, it was necessary to apply a separate rubber strap over the spoke nipples on the rim to protect the inner-tube. The new smaller size was designed to hold more air pressure, which gave a slightly stiffer ride but with less rolling resistance to allow for easy peddling.

The Schwinn Paramount

Reprinted with the permission of Tom Shaddox For a quarter century the easiest way to show you were a sophisticated, discriminating cyclist has been to make disparaging remarks about the Schwinn Varsity. It’s true that the Varsity has the oxymoronic distinction of being one of the heaviest lightweight bicycles ever built. But to understand the bike, I think you have to take it in it’s historical context. In America in , bicycles were children’s toys.

Except for small groups in a handful of large cities, Americans had never heard of, much less seen, a derailleur geared bike. An attempt to introduce derailleur geared lightweight adult bikes a few years before resulted in a warehouse of unsold bikes.

A review of bicycle helmets for the season. Summary: The most evident trends in the US market this year are the growth of MIPS and the introduction of more Smart Helmets that feature new lights, communications or have not found any proven radical safety improvement that would compel you to replace your current helmet.

Nov Dec The second number is the last digit of the year, 6, 7, 8, 9 for X and 0 for Again, this is the date of serializing, not necessarily model year. The last three characters – The final letter ranges from A to Z and the final two numbers go from 01 to The last letter might be a run designation, with the last two numerals the frame number in that run? Alternatively, the letter extends the range of the character from 0 to 9 if a number to 1 to This gives a range of for the 3 characters.

The Schwinn Balloon Tire Era

From to , Schwinn pioneered its own models of cruisers, touring bikes and three-speeds, fabricating their own frames and components in-house. After the “Bicycle Boom” of the s, however, Schwinn’s proprietary frame-building technology and heavier bikes became less economically viable in an increasingly weight-obsessed industry–resulting in millions of unique vintage and antique bikes that can be identified by their serial numbers.

Dating these bikes is usually the first step toward proper appraisal of a vintage Schwinn machine. Find the serial number.

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Where can I buy such a bike? Is there a collectors club or source I can contact? A-Schwinn never made a Whizzer. The kits were manufactured by Dietrich Kohlsaat, who worked for Schwinn before he started his own firm, the Whizzer Motor Co. It was Kohlsaat who developed and designed the Whizzer kit to fit on almost any make of inch balloon-tire bicycle to convert it into a motorbike. Kohlsaat also produced a fine line of motorbikes, including the Sportsman, Pacemaker, Ambassador and the Whizzer Special models.

Value of a 1930 ladies schwinn bicycle?

They continued building prototypes through , but nothing was ever put into production. Ignaz put his engineers to work designing motorcycles. In Schwinn paid a half million dollars for the struggling Excelsior and started building motorcycles.

Who Were Austro-Daimler? When I bought my Vent Noir II in the Austro-Daimler Puch company was a wholly owned subsidiary of the famous Steyr-Daimler-Puch consortium. The company history began more than one hundred years before then, in a time and in a Europe that would be wholly alien to those of us brought up over the recent generations.

The head tubes look as if they were fillet brazed , but they weren’t. The head tube and the tapered segments that lead into the the top tube and down tube were actually made from two special forgings that were “electro-forged” welded together down the centerline, then ground smooth, so the seam is not usually visible. There are necked-down parts that fit into the top tube and down tube, like internal lugs. Muller has a very detailed explanation of this process, in his superb article: Inside the Varsity , which is now on this site.

Mike Rother has an excellent overview of the fillet-brazed lightweights , also on this site. The flat-bladed forks were also forged. The Typhoon probably dates from the late ’50’s or ’60’s. If I recall, it was what Schwinn called a ” cantilever ” frame, where the seat stays pass by the seat cluster and continue on in a graceful curve to join the bottom of the head tube. Older Schwinn ” cruisers “, such as the Excelsior that was the inspiration of the first mountain bikes, used a straight lower top tube from the bottom of the head tube to the seat tube.

The Schwinn Paramount

Lugged frame imported Schwinns are not covered here. If you really enjoy the old Schwinns and want to know more, this book is for you. What tires do I need for my Schwinn rims? Schwinn used their own special rim sizes on many bikes.

WELCOME TO THE BICYCLE MUSEUM. Bicycles are wonderfully simple, eloquent and efficient machines. A few of the bikes were purchased by me, or for me, new, including the brown Schwinn SuperSport, the Trek , the Univega FS, and the Trek (for one of my sons).

Other than Mentioned, this is a very Bike is in Excellent Condition no chips or scratches in paint. This is a 1 of a kind packer bike for that serious Die hard Packer Fan! Bike is so nice you may not want to even ride it and just add it to your Packer Man cave With all your other packer Collectables! Everything on this bike is completely original except for the tires. All the paint and decals are in good shape for the year.

We have had this bike in our collection for over 30 years. This bike is clean bike for the year.

The Guide to Pumping Bicycle Tires

Replica made from the alleged Caprotti sketch. There are several early but unverified claims for the invention of the bicycle. The earliest comes from a sketch said to be from and attributed to Gian Giacomo Caprotti , a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci. In Hans-Erhard Lessing described this as a purposeful fraud.

Jul 31,  · 発送までの 目安 商品手配後、(銀行振込は入金確認後)からメーカーに在庫がある場合は 3~5営業日で発送となります。.

Museum Bikes Prior to C. Bicycle We can only guess what C. Manufacturers sprung up overnight and disappeared just as quickly the next day. The Wright Brothers and Huffman bikes were located in Dayton. Miami Cycle manufacturing was in Middleton. Shelby steel tubing came out of Shelby, Ohio. Columbus bicycles from Columbus.

Hercules bicycles not to be confused with the English Hercules brand of the 20th century made their bikes in Cleveland. They actually came out of Toledo. Hand painted head tube badge Adjust them low and narrow or high and wide Kelly adjustable handlebars, made in Cleveland So what does C. Probably not that last one.

Vintage Schwinn Bicycles

Cantilever frame Buying Vintage Schwinn Bikes If you’re interesting in purchasing an antique or vintage bicycle made by this iconic company, you’ll have plenty of options. Price varies significantly, depending on the condition, age, scarcity, and desirability of the model. Whether you’re looking for a fixer-upper or want a bike in mint condition, there are plenty of places to shop.

You’ll see many of the models Schwinn produced in the last half of the 20th century, along with some older models from the earlier part of the company’s history. You’ll also find parts for Schwinn bikes of all ages. If you’re buying a vintage Schwinn on eBay, be sure to ask lots of questions about the bike’s condition.

Sep 28,  · FRAME No BICYCLE DATING. HOW OLD IS MY BICYCLE? ‘How old is my bicycle?’ is a question I get asked a lot, nearly as much as: ‘I have a bicycle that looks like one of yours; if I send you pictures please can you identify it for me?’.

Saturday, February 9, 60th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount The Schwinn Paramount has had a long and storied history dating back to The originals were built in the Schwinn Factory in Chicago. Today, those Paramounts are worth a lot of money. The quality of the Waterford Paramounts was superb. For whatever reason, maybe cost and declining sales at Schwinn, the beginning of the s saw the Paramount program head to Japan.

The Waterford Paramounts were still built in Wisconsin but the alternative foreign bikes were made of Tange Prestige and were no longer equiped with Dura Ace components. The Japanese Paramounts used the same Tange frame but came with different components. The frames were in different paint schemes depending on the component package.

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