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Ariel can’t find the pole that’s right in front of her. She recovers quickly though, and makes her way to the Donut Run. She crosses 3 stacks before ultimately tumbling down. Her second attempt is not shown. While she’s making her way to the Sucker Punch, the Johns reveal Ariel competes in the Alaskan Youth Olympics, but her athletic training doesn’t carry her to the other side.

UPDATE After three seasons of Flying Wild Alaska, earning her private pilot certificate, and going through some serious stall training with MzeroA, Ariel Tweto is still excited This article talks about what Ariel Tweto, one of the stars of hit Discovery show Flying Wild Alaska, is .

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‘Flying Wild Alaska’ Cessna 208 Caravan in Fatal Crash

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Nov 01,  · Flying Wild Alaska S2. Discussion in ‘Hangar Talk’ started by JesseD, Oct 31, The junior high girl in me wants to know if John Ponce and Ariel are dating. Giggle giggle. ChrisRikli, Oct 31, #4. gprellwitz Touchdown! Greaser! [John] Ponts are dating. The answer? Hell no! We’re really good friends — we’re like brothers.

The following story appears in the November issue of Alaska Sporting Journal, on sale now. Neither can she stop smiling, laughing and making her friends and family giggle. The family business has been featured on the TV series Flying Wild Alaska, which returned to the airwaves this year on the Outdoor Channel after originally appearing on the Discovery Channel. That was another one of our goals.

So many people are so scared of flying , and we wanted to highlight and show the honest aspect of flying. We hoped we would get a younger generation excited about flying. In he partnered up to form another successful venture, Hageland Aviation, and eventually Jim Tweto and partners Mike Hageland and John Hajdukovich eventually molded Era Alaska into a regional powerhouse of the skies. Today, the company is called Ravn Alaska and has a fleet of over 70 planes. They wake up at 6 and sometimes in summer they stay up until like 11 or 12 at night.

Last year was the first time in like 20 years they went on a vacation to Hawaii. But the work-hard, play-hard mantra also rubbed off in a good way. Furthermore, Tweto stays busy enough with multiple projects in the works. Tweto encourages anyone making a trip to Alaska to be around during the Iditarod sled dog race every March.

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The show followed the Twetos as they transported goods and people across rural Alaska, facing difficult conditions and situations along the way. Central to the plot was the upbeat Ariel Tweto, daughter of Era’s chief operating officer. But we also go to the store, live normal lives and have great families.

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By Pia Bergqvist posted Dec 3rd, at According to the Anchorage Daily News, the passengers killed include a retired couple, a five-month-old baby and the pilot. Six additional passengers survived with injuries and were transported to a hospital in Anchorage. The NTSB is investigating the cause of the crash. The documentary dramatized the dangers of flying in the hostile Alaska environment, where pilots often fly under low overcast ceilings and poor visibility to reach villages that are not accessible by roads.

IFR flight is often unavailable due to the steep, mountainous terrain in the region. This most recent crash raises the total death toll from aircraft crashes in Alaska this year to at least 35, according to NTSB statistics. The number is a significant increase over statistics, which totaled 11 aviation related deaths. One of this year’s fatal crashes involved a de Havilland Otter accident in July that killed Get exclusive online content like this delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for our free enewsletter.

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Flying Wild Alaska Pilot Dies

This article talks about what Ariel Tweto, one of the stars of hit Discovery show Flying Wild Alaska, is up to now that the show has concluded. Flying Wild Alaska chronicles the day-to-day life of the Tweto family in the. John Ponts is one of Era’s plus pilots and is Ariel Tweto’s flight. To the surprise of many fans, the Tweto family decides to move on from life in front of the Discovery Channel cameras.

Ariel Tweto, Studio City, California. For professional inquiries please email mcampbell kaplanstahler.

Ariel Tweto is an American actress, private pilot and TV personality the show, she was rumored to have been dating her trainer, John Ponts. Flying Wild Alaska – Wikipedia Flying Wild Alaska is a documentary television series that aired on Discovery Channel in and

Cessna sales and technical representatives will be on duty at the exhibit daily during the show from 9 a. Flying Wild Alaska premiered in January with 10 episodes featuring the family-run Era Alaska airline. Cessna also is marking the 15th anniversary of the resumption of production of single-engine piston aircraft at its facility in Independence, Kan.

Cessna discontinued single-engine piston aircraft production in Wichita in the s due in part to rising liability costs and re-entered the market after the passage of the U. General Aviation Revitalization Act. For more information, go to Cessna. Follow Cessna on Twitter at twitter.

Flying Wild Alaska Ariel Tweto Net Worth & Bio

December 24, The one driving heavy equipment and telling the camera that ice road truckers — heroes of a rival reality show — are a bunch of sissies? That would be Ferno Tweto of Unalakleet, who stars in the series along with her family.

But during the show, she was rumored to have been dating her trainer, John Ponts. But it was proved wrong when she later stated John was like a brother to her. As of now, she’s possibly single.

Meet the Twetos Episode: Jan 14, In the frigid Alaskan town of Unalakleet, the Tweto’s and their family-run airline battle the arctic elements to transport supplies and passengers to some of the most inaccessible areas on the planet. Life or Death Episode: Jan 21, Pilot Luke Hickerson transports dangerous chemicals from Barrow to the remote village of Atqasuk. Then, in Unalakleet, the cold and dark winter claims its first casualty and Jim must make arrangements to transport the casket.

Blow It Up Episode: Jan 28, In a dangerous mission, pilot Doug Doherty flies along Russian airspace to transport volatile explosives to the island of St Lawrence. In Unk, Ben slams into a large bird mid-flight. Feb 4, Unseasonably warm weather sends Jim up to the Brooks Range to look for potential landing strips.

Ferno and Ariel prepare an Eskimo feast for returning pilot John Ponts and the week ends with an icy plunge into the Unalakleet River. Feb 11, In Bethel, construction crews race to finish Era’s newest hanger before the unforgiving winter snows arrive.

Ariel Tweto – Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend

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benefits Era Alaska; Ayla, Ariel and Ferno run with reindeer in Anchorage; a pilot deals with a malfunction; a tsunami warning is issued for the west coast. [15]. 3 (26) “Solar Flare Danger” June 22, (). (). “Ariel Tweto: Discovery Channel”. Archived from the original on Retrieved

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Baby Ariel’s Mom Confronts ME IN PERSON!