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For example, hardware and software synthesizers, controller keyboards and ‘loopback’ devices. The most common controllers used by computer-based musicians today connect with a USB cable rather than MIDI cable and provide a piano-keyboard, pad or mixer-style interface. I don’t have any controllers or outboard MIDI devices to connect 1. Click here to see these connector types compared. Install any USB drivers that came with your controller. Connect the controller to your PC, turn it on and follow the Windows installation procedure. The standard USB ‘ connected ‘ process should happen. Most external audio devices have MIDI connector plugs on them, use those if present.

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Included with a number of apps and hardware products, Live 10 Lite is a lightweight version of Ableton Live It comes with all of Live’s essential workflows, instruments and effects – everything you need to record songs, create hands-on with your controller, take music made in your apps.

If you are new to Studio One or are using the free version PreSonus has made available, I want to show you how you can quickly set up you MIDI controller inside of Studio One, if it is not in the list of preset devices. If your controller is in the list of preset devices, all you have to do is click add and select it and all the knobs, sliders and transport controls will be automatically mapped for you.

However, if you have a controller that is not in the list of preset devices, you can quickly set up a new device an map all the controls once, and that mapping will be saved within the new device settings. You can give your MIDI controller a descriptive name, which helps if you have multiple devices that you use inside of Studio One. Select which MIDI channels your controller will transmit its signal on. It’s best to leave all selected unless you have multiple controllers.

Also assign which physical device your new keyboard will be receiving MIDI information from Oxygen 49 in this example. Click OK once you have set up your new controller and you have connected the MIDI controller to Studio One, and it will show up in the list of External Devices under the descriptive name you gave it. Now all that is needed is to map the various controls in order to use them properly inside Studio One.

Mapping Your Controller To map the various knobs, faders and transport controls to be used correctly inside of Studio One, create a new project, and in the mixer click the button on the left hand side of the mixer window labeled “External” to show the external devices. Clicking this will open up the external devices pane with a list of all your external controllers. When you move a knob or fader, or press a button on your controller, it will show up here in a list.

This is telling Studio One that the the controller is in fact there and available to assign. I suggest doing this in some kind of logical sequential order, just so the controllers aren’t in random order inside of this MIDI Assignment window.


Those are the basic analog waveforms that are the stuff of Oscillators. They got their names by the way they look on a sound oscilloscope. They Oscillate or change, move in this shape which can be raised and lowered in pitch depending on how they are set. If you are programming a synth with samples, consider the samples themselves to be waveforms inside the oscillator. Oscillators on a Moog Voyager Note how the oscillator is setup. You choose a basic waveform, set the octave and adjust the pitch more with the Frequency control.

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Isochronous code is already in place in poseidon. There seems to be 2 types of isoc transfers that can be used by Poseidon. One is just the normal isoc transfer and the other is realtime implementation of isoc transfer. Don’t know for sure what the difference is. Setting up the isoc transfer pipe might differ on those two and the driver code might be different. For isoc transfer there needs to be a scheduler that makes sure no isoc transfers are dropped and that they happen at the right time.

It all goes difficult as the device making use of the isoc transfer may be at any point on the device tree. One needs to calculate the usb bandwidth etc. Poseidon controls the driver and device tree and it provides an API to communicate with the usb devices. Poseidon really doesn’t care much about what sort of transfer pipe is opened or used, it only provides the means to do so and forwards the iorequests to the correct driver. Poseidon code is the higher level code for usb communication and drivers are ofcourse the lower level one.

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